Young drivers in the North West remain cautious ahead of their Easter road trips

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Posted by Media Team on 29 March 2018

Mixed weather predictions across the Easter weekend results in cautious young drivers

With a variety of weather expected across the North West and lots of the UK taking advantage of the extended weekend, Marmalade – the leading provider of cars and insurance for young drivers – has conducted research to identify whether these predictions are affecting young drivers’ plans on the roads.

In a recent Twitter Poll of 444 young drivers aged under 25 years of age, Marmalade has identified that almost half (45%) of young drivers in the North West are being cautious and leaving their decision to drive until the very day. An additional (16%) said the weather reports had definitely affected their plans to drive.

Crispin Moger, CEO for Marmalade, comments: “Young drivers tend to have an unfair reputation of being reckless on our roads so it is extremely comforting to see that almost half are choosing to be cautious ahead of the predicted weather forecast this Easter.

“Driving in wet and windy conditions can be a hugely daunting and demanding experience for someone who hasn’t had much practice driving in these types of conditions. Stopping distances increase, water and spray on the windscreen can affect vision, heavy winds can cause the vehicle to move voluntarily and puddles on the road surface could lead to aquaplaning so it’s really important to take your time, keep your hands firmly on the wheel and be realistic.”

According to the RAC, 19 million leisure journeys will be made over the upcoming Easter weekend as motorists make their first big getaway of the year. While it is normal to see a large number of trips being taken, the predicted weather forecast could cause chaos on the roads.

Crispin concludes: “For those looking to hit the roads this weekend keep a consistent eye on the weather forecast to help organise your trip as best you can. Consider routes which feature main roads, plan frequent stops to refuel and before setting off check tyre pressure and oil. I’d also recommend saving details of your breakdown cover too as wet weather conditions for an increase in problems with engines and electrical systems.”

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