Stop talking and start acting to help young drivers


Posted by Media Team on 03 June 2015

The ABI needs to stop hiding behind lobbying and use its power to help save young drivers’ lives through technology and innovative pricing, that’s according to Crispin Moger CEO at Marmalade, provider of cars and insurance for young drivers.


The ABI has today issued a comment urging the Government to start ‘the long overdue process of modernising the way that young people learn to drive’. But, says Crispin, they could do a lot more than simply lobby the Government, something that they have been doing for many years without any success.


For years the ABI has been asking the Government to consider reform of driving lessons, but nothing has happened – apart from more and more young drivers getting involved in accidents with sometimes horrendous consequences.


It’s great that the ABI is trying to do something about this unacceptable situation, but it is already within its power to make real changes, and much faster. We have proved that insurance based on an advanced telematics system, combined with providing one to one support, is dramatically improving the safety of young drivers. On a national basis, 1 in 5 young drivers are involved in an accident, this falls to 1 in 17 for our customers – a figure that we’re working hard to further reduce through learning and support.


The ABI also need to stop banging on about the need to introduce curfews, it’s frankly not very helpful and may actually turn young people off – particularly if they work shifts. Let’s focus on what is going to help most, and as an immediate solution telematics – without unnecessary curfews – will save lives as well as reducing costs for young drivers and their parents. I just cannot understand why the ABI is not doing more to embrace this technology and ensure its widespread take up. If it can prove that certain methods work then it will strengthen its case to push for reform.