Motorists urged to take extra care after Met Office weather warnings


Posted by Media Team on 25 September 2018

With parts of the UK braced for another potentially life-threatening storm Marmalade, the leading provider of cars and insurance for young people, is urging all motorists, in particular, newly-qualified drivers, to take extra care on the roads and be prepared.

Today, the Met Office has issued two Yellow weather warnings. The first is for rain covering Wales and parts of North West England, and the second is a wind warning for Storm Bronagh – the second named storm system of the season – covering much of England and parts of Wales until 9 am tomorrow.

Crispin Moger, CEO for Marmalade, comments: “The colder, and more dangerous weather conditions, is upon us meaning the UK roads can be hugely daunting and demanding for us all. It is extremely important for those who do have to venture out, that they take to the roads in a calm manner, apply care and are prepared.

“This message is particularly aimed at those younger, less qualified drivers who may be experiencing these types of conditions for the very first time and do not have the necessary confidence and skillset as those who have been driving for a number of years.”

In order for motorists to stay safe during this stormy weather, Marmalade recommends motorists are familiar with the following tips:

  • Prepare: Prepare ahead of time by checking to make sure your car tyres are in good condition. If heavy downpours are expected, avoid starting your journey until it clears. The Met Office is a good resource.
  • Reduce your speed. Driving slower means you will have more time to react should the weather conditions impact your journey.
  • Be seen. Even in daylight if the weather is wet and windy it is always best to have your headlights on. Those with automatic lights should always check that their lights are activated.  
  • Stay alert. If you must drive, stay alert and be ready for sudden stops. Allow for at least twice the normal following distance between you and the car ahead when the road is wet.
  • Debris. Storms can mean that debris is blown into your path so keep vigilant.
  • Be aware of other road users. When wind hits, your car may be pushed off course. Pay extra attention to other road users, including cyclists and pedestrians.
  • Aquaplaning. Rainy days mean there is increased surface water on the roads, increasing the risk of aquaplaning. Should your car start to aquaplane, don’t panic, and don’t hit the brakes hard. Gently ease off the accelerator, hold the steering wheel straight and when the car begins to gain control, start to brake slowly. 
  • Spray. Spray from other vehicles can reduce visibility so keep your distance, and anticipate the reaction of other drivers, who will also be affected by the spray.

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