Marmalade’s customer service is second to none


Posted by Media Team on 29 April 2016

Your child being involved in a car accident is not something that parents want to consider, but if it does happen and a claim needs to be made, can you trust your child’s insurance company to support you? 

This is a question that father of two, John Catterson from Barnard Castle, County Durham, had to ask when his 18-year-old daughter, Sarah, was in a serious accident within her first year of driving. He had recently arranged a New Driver Insurance policy from Marmalade, the specialist provider of cars and insurance for young drivers. He has been delighted with Marmalade’s efficient help and support and low cost premiums the following year when they came to renew.

John says: “The worry for anyone who takes out insurance is whether the insurer will deliver the goods when it really matters. I had recently signed Sarah up to Marmalade’s New Driver policy which uses black box technology. She was driving exceptionally well for her first 10 months with an average score in the 90s when she unfortunately had an accident. When I first called Marmalade after the incident they were fantastic from the get go.”

He continues: “My daughter loves her car and thankfully it was not written off but the accident caused damage which not was not cheap to fix.  We were dreading the renewal of her policy fearing a massive increase of premium.  We were so pleased (and relieved) when it came in at just a little more than her first year. We were hoping that her excellent driving recorded by the 'Box' would be taken in to account and I am sure that this must have played its part.”

The New Driver policy from Marmalade uses advanced black box technology and trusts its customers to drive safely and responsibly from the beginning, giving the young driver the lowest price from the start. With this policy, there is no complicated reward scheme to worry about and drivers can earn their own No Claims Discount and it doesn’t impose negative scoring for its customers. Plus there’s no enforcement of any curfews meaning drivers are free to use their cars whenever they want to, day and night.

John says: “Car insurance for young drivers can be costly for families but if some of the worry about choosing the right company can be alleviated by reviews from customers like me and my daughter, I hope I can help. I would have really appreciated hearing from one of Marmalade’s happy customers when I was considering the company.”

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