Marmalade urges parents to wrap up a black box this christmas


Posted by Media Team on 15 December 2016

Some 74% of parents say they worry less about their children if they drive a car which is fitted with a black box, according to new research 1 conducted by Marmalade, the leading provider of cars and insurance for young drivers and specialists in black box insurance.

83% of those parents surveyed said they believe using a black box encourages safer journeys and over half of parents questioned felt a greater peace of mind having a black box installed in their offspring’s car. And this is with good reason – on a national basis one in five young drivers has an accident within the first six months of passing their test, whereas with Marmalade’s customers it falls to just one in 16 young drivers2 – meaning they are more than three times safer.

The survey also stated that 88% of parents believe black box policies offer cheaper insurance which is another reason why they selected a telematics policy.

John Catterson, whose daughter is a Marmalade black box customer, says: “Using black box insurance has helped develop Sarah’s driving massively. The software has flagged a couple of locations where Sarah was having problems so we made a point, the next time we were driving to these locations, to discuss the issues and help her improve her driving response to specific challenges she faces there.”

The survey questioned over 1,000 parents of young drivers about their thoughts on using black box
Based on Marmalade policies taken out in Apr 2015 -Mar 2016.

John continues: “One of the areas where her journeys have been flagged as amber is a spot where I’m aware that there was a fatal crash recently, so I was pleased that the black box had prompted us to review Sarah’s trips down this stretch of road. It all boiled down to driving experience and using the telematics as a training aid can work really well. This partnership that Marmalade encourages between parents and their kids is key and is something I don’t think is employed by other companies.

Marmalade urges parents to wrap up a black box this Christmas

“As a parent, the telematics gives me peace of mind in knowing that Sarah will always be aware of it and drive sensibly no matter what pressures may be put on her.”

Crispin Moger, CEO of Marmalade, said: “Our latest research with customers’ parents shows the importance of black box technology and how this can not only help improve a young driver’s skills behind the wheel but it also offers peace of mind for parents. We would encourage all parents to investigate using this technology as our safety records prove unwrapping a black box could mean your child is safer on the road.”

Despite the clear benefits of having a black box policy, almost 73% parents said they would not want the technology fitted to their own car, with 41% of respondents saying they are happy with their current non-telematics insurance.

Marmalade’s technology encourages young drivers to develop safe and responsible driving skills by highlighting areas for improvement. Another added benefit is that the black box can help identify the whereabouts of the car if it is stolen.

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