Marmalade offers a unique journey for its customers


Posted by Media Team on 20 May 2016

For many parents finding the right car insurance company that offers the most appropriate policy for their children is often a real challenge. However, Nigel Banks from Scarborough and father to Emily, an 18 year-old student, discovered Marmalade, the specialist young driver insurance company, made the decision very easy, and affordable.

Nigel says: “When we renewed Emily’s insurance I was amazed to discover we saved a massive 65% after just one year which was simply astounding.”

A former driving instructor and now working as a chauffeur, Nigel first heard of Marmalade in a professional capacity when he referred his pupils to the company. He said:  “I have been on a journey with Marmalade; I used to recommend that my pupils use Marmalade for their learner driver insurance as it is ideal to set up your kids for a few weeks at a time on the parents’ cars. When Emily was learning to drive we used Marmalade and found its policy worked well. It was so easy to do and we could insure my car for when she was available to drive it, which was not all the time. I was happy to practice what I had preached!”

Emily is now a New Driver customer after passing her test last year. This policy uses the most advanced black box technology available to help young drivers maintain and develop safe driving, bringing down the cost of insurance premiums. Young drivers are able to log in and review their journeys, developing their skills as well as confidence. Plus, the policy does not impose any curfew, meaning customers are free to enjoy driving whenever they want.  

The technology encourages young drivers to develop safe and responsible driving skills by highlighting areas for improvement. As well as this personal service, the telematics package also comes with e-learning modules to help the young person improve their knowledge of the road.

Nigel says: “The black box is an excellent tool which we used a lot at first to look at Emily’s driving; it certainly helps improve and hone the skills of a new driver. I think all cars should be fitted with it!

“I cannot recommend Marmalade enough and it has enabled Emily to start her driving career with the confidence that we know she's well insured and that, as her driving skills improve, she will be rewarded as a safe driver.”

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