Marmalade gives young drivers independence


Posted by Media Team on 01 November 2016

Patrick Cantellow, from Sittingbourne in Kent, is a Digital Marketing Apprentice. The 17 year-old recently passed his driving test and is now enjoying his newly-found independence thanks to Marmalade’s telematics-based New Driver Insurance.

Patrick says: “I left sixth form this summer to start an apprenticeship in Digital Marketing, and I also manage a growing non-profit in my local area called Swale Young People. Being independent is crucial to me and my work, so I was determined to pass my test as soon as I could.

“The prospect of cutting my transport time from a two hour bus journey to a 40 minute drive was my motivator. I started driving in June when I turned 17, then passed my test in September with 10 hours’ worth of driving lessons and way over 40 hours practising with my mum – I was on a mission!

“Apart from becoming the taxi driver for all my mates, the independence factor was one of the most appealing aspects. I’m often invited to events in London with work, and as far as the Midlands and Scotland. Driving is making it much easier to get around, and also means I’m not cancelling meetings last minute because the bus hasn’t turned up. Being on the road, I am now far more reliable which is great.

” Marmalade was attractive to Patrick because of its focus on young people. He was also impressed by the informative and supportive customer care team: “As I am paying for the car and insurance myself, the low cost element was vital.

“I was pleasantly surprised by the upfront information given to me about the black box, as this was something I didn’t know much about. With my black box, I can track my journeys on the online portal which is simple and easy. It’s also so much cheaper and the customer service so far has been great.”

Marmalade’s telematics focuses on ABCS: acceleration, braking, cornering and average speed. The telematics device measures the g-force created by these actions to measure driving skills.

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