Marmalade – a guide to young driver’s car insurance


Posted by Media Team on 12 January 2015

As champions for young drivers and their parents we have come up with three simple solutions for every stage of your new driving journey. Signing up to learner insurance, ( new driver insurance ( or cars for young drivers ( ) is quick and easy. All our products have been created to help get you driving in the safest way possible without breaking the bank.


The Marmalade learner insurance package covers young drivers in a family or friend’s car whilst learning to drive. Not only will we cover learner drivers on most cars up to insurance group 32 with a current value of up to £30,000, but the policy also protects the car owner’s No Claims Bonus.


You don’t have to drive with the person that owns the car, although you do need their permission! As long as the passenger driver is over the age of 25 and has held a full UK driving licence for at least three years you can jump in the drivers’ seat to get the much needed private practice.


We want to save learner drivers as much money as possible so if you pass your test sooner than you imagined we will refund any full 30 days’ worth of cover you have left on your policy for a small fee of just £10.


New driver insurance quotes should be fair. The Marmalade new driver insurance offers you an affordable way to get on the road while teaching you some invaluable safe driving skills through our advanced telematics system.


We will insure cars up to 9 years old and with an engine up to1.4 litres in size (because they are safer) and - unlike some new driver insurance policies - let you enjoy the freedom of the open road without curfews.


The small black box fitted into your car, known as a telematics unit

includes a GPS device which records your driving habits.

This information is then sent back to us highlighting the

ABC’S of driving; acceleration, braking,

cornering and speeding.


With so many Marmalade new driver insurance policy holders on the road we don’t look at everyone’s driving data every day. Instead we allow you to monitor your own performance and only get in touch if you’ve been driving in a way that could be dangerous.


Marmalade offers new cars for young drivers from £175 per month through its Fuel & Go scheme with a year’s free insurance for drivers between 17 and 25. Marmalade is the only UK insurance company to offer 12 months free insurance for 17 year olds. Available cars for young drivers in the scheme include Fiat, Ford, Kia, Peugeot, Skoda and Vauxhall.


Depending on where the young driver lives, sometimes we can’t offer free insurance but if this is the case we offer a generous package to subsidise the cost of the insurance. Similarly to the ‘new driver insurance’ package, Fuel & Go uses black box technology ( to help the young driver monitor and improve their driving.