Majority of young drivers are revving up for the new driving test changes

Driving test changes - to cram, or not to cram

Posted by Media Team on 02 November 2017

With less than a month to go before the UK sees driving tests undergo the biggest change in generations, Marmalade has been delving into the mind-set of the young learner driver to see how they are preparing to deal with the new format on Monday 4th December 2017.

In a recent Twitter poll, Marmalade asked its 4,491 followers which prospective drivers were cramming to pass their driving test before the new format comes into place and who is taking it in their stride. The results revealed that 63% of young drivers aged between 17 – 24 years are choosing to cram in their driving test. 

Crispin Moger, CEO for Marmalade, comments: “It’s fantastic to see that the majority of young drivers are embracing the driving test changes about to come into place. I believe the new changes are a really positive, much needed adaption and will encourage our next generation of drivers to be confident, prepared and equipped with the necessary skills needed to drive the UK roads safely.”

In order to gain a better understanding of the mind-set of the learner drivers ahead of the changes, Marmalade spoke to two employees who are both currently learning to drive.

Social Media Executive Chloe has recently picked up learning to drive after graduating in July. She is really positive about the new changes and is especially thankful for one of them in particular: “Honestly, the fact that there will be a sat nav in the driving test is a life saver. One thing I really struggle with is directions, so I can only see the sat nav as a bonus; I know I will definitely be using one when I have passed. I’ve already been learning some of the manoeuvers that will be on the new test.”

Despite the majority of learner drivers being supportive of the changes, Anthony from Marmalade’s Learner Insurance Admin team is doing all he can to pass his test before the changes come into force and has booked an intensive driving course for this month. He has been learning to drive since May but since September has ramped up his driving lessons from one to two per week, to four: “I don’t fancy the idea of the new changes, and I would have to spend more money on lessons.”

Amanda Green, Learner Driver Week’s Driving Instructor of the Year, says: “I wouldn’t recommend intensive driving courses to young or new drivers because they don’t gain enough driving experience. You can teach anyone to pass a test in a week but it won’t make a safe driver. They need life skills so I am extremely supportive of the new driving test changes which will shortly be in place.”

In a bid to encourage motorists to be safer and more independent, the Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) has announced that in addition to the traditional mirror, signal, manoeuvring, learner drivers will have to showcase four ‘real life’ driving skills to pass their test. These ‘real life’ skills will be: following directions from a sat nav, independent driving increasing to 20 minutes instead of ten, answering a vehicle safety question while driving, and doing one of three possible reversing manoeuvres.

Not everything of the driving test is changing. Learner drivers can expect the test to still last around 40 minutes and the pass mark will remain the same – no more than 15 minor driving faults and no serious or dangerous faults will get you a licence.

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