How did Sam get on the road, without his own car?


Posted by Media Team on 30 January 2018

As a student and a new driver, it can be a headache deciding on how to get around without a car of your own. Sam Ballard, from Bristol, is currently in his final year of college before leaving home to go to university and this is the exact situation he found himself in after passing his test.

Thankfully his friend recommended Marmalade Insurance – leading provider of car insurance and cars for young drivers. The friend had been in the same situation and came across this alternative to getting added as a named driver on their parents’ insurance. It was the perfect solution. Not only was he able to be insured on his mum’s car with his own fully comprehensive policy but he was also able to earn his own No Claims Discount. Bonus!

Sam said: “I’m currently in my last year studying History, Business and Maths at Marlwood Sixth Form so currently have no intentions to own my own car as I will be heading to University in September where I will rarely need a car to get around. The Named Young Driver policy has been brilliant in giving me the freedom to drive around and I would definitely recommend it to my friends.”

The policy uses black box technology to help young drivers develop safe driving skills. By installing the discreet black box, the driving data will be transmitted to Marmalade using a GPS signal, which will provide an accurate, personalised impression of the young person’s driving and help identify areas of improvement.

Young drivers can view their driving data 24 hours a day via a driving portal or app. Parents don’t worry! Journeys, where the parent is in the driving seat, will not be monitored, although they can log in to see your journeys if you are interested.

“I really like the driving portal and am happy with the way it assesses my driving. I would definitely say the scoring system is fair when compared to other providers who scores are known to be quite harsh. Another great thing about the policy is that my mum doesn’t have to be assessed herself by the telematics which is something she was not very keen on,” continues Sam.

“I feel the policy has been great in continuing to gain experience and confidence as a solo driver compared to having no car or using the car with one of my parents present all the time. Despite having to play the designated driver on the odd occasion I’m really appreciative to my mum for allowing me to use her car as I would not be driving otherwise and using the skills I have developed during my lessons. It’s also nice to be able to drive a newer car rather than an old one which I wouldn’t consider as being reliable.”

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