Drive your way to love this Valentine's

Does having a driving licence affect the dates you get?

Posted by Media Team on 15 February 2018

Over 40% of young people consider driving as an important attribute when looking for love

In the official month of love, Marmalade has asked young people across the UK how desirable a partner with a driving licence is and discovered that over 40% see the ability to drive as an important trait when looking for love.

A recent Twitter poll* from Marmalade – the leading provider of cars and insurance for young and learner drivers – asked 17-24 year olds how important it was that their date could drive. 24% of respondents identified it as ‘important’ and another 17% identified it as ‘very important’.

The survey also revealed that females (41%) saw driving and owning a car more of an important attribute than males (26%).

Crispin Moger, CEO at Marmalade, comments:

“We’ve all been a young person without a driving licence and envious of our friends and family members who do, and frustrated at the fact we are not on the open roads yet. It’s not surprising driving is an attractive attribute young people consider when dating because it provides freedom and independence to a new relationship, which could not be achieved otherwise.

“Driving also gives young people peace of mind when travelling to meet for dates and is considered a safer method than walking home late at night.”

The survey revealed holding a driving licence alone may not be enough to impress, with 35% of respondents saying owning a car is also important when dating, especially if it is considered a nice vehicle with 13% of respondents considering this was important too.

Crispin concludes:

“Driving is a massive part of ensuring quality time together when dating or in a relationship. A long drive to the coast, a romantic meal at a countryside pub or a road trip to visit friends and family are all fantastic ways for loved up drivers to create long-lasting memories.”