Concern that safety was not a focus in articles in the sunday telegraph and mail online


Posted by Media Team on 30 March 2015

Following his appearance in the Sunday Telegraph and Mail Online at the weekend, Crispin Moger CEO at Marmalade, a provider of cars and insurance for young drivers, is concerned that safety – singularly the most important aspect of telematics-based insurance policies for young drivers today – was not a focus in the articles.


“Across the UK, 1 in 5 young drivers are involved in an accident, with our customers this is reduced to 1 in 17. This is wholly down to telematics and our approach to young driver’s safety, which saves lives. If a journey is flagged as red, meaning it contained some potentially dangerous driving we will call our customers to discuss the problems. And yes, if it keeps happening, our customers understand that there will be a charge of £250. This is a hugely effective dis-incentive to poor driving and over 95% of our customers consistently drive well.


“We don’t monitor young drivers for fun, and that’s not why we give parents access to the online system. The very knowledge that their parents can monitor their driving will often make a young person think twice before doing something reckless. We know from customer feedback that this monitoring also avoids peer pressure, another big killer of young people on our roads today. Instead of bowing to peer pressure, young drivers can blame telematics and potential fines for not taking risks at the wheel and not, for example, racing against a friend.


“If there is an accident on a quiet rural road, which are the most dangerous roads in Britain today, telematics can help you to find your child. Telematics systems installed also mean that if the car is lost or stolen, it can be tracked.


“Our safety record means that we can offer our drivers very competitive and low premiums from the word go. So what’s not to like about telematics? Smartphones today track people more than we will ever do and from conversations with young people at schools, I know that they just don’t see it as an issue, particularly if it means they can afford to get on the road. And as a parent, I welcome anything that keeps my child safe.”