Calls for a blanket ban on all drink driving


Posted by Media Team on 29 April 2016

“I think to have a blanket ban on all drink driving would give clarification to UK drivers and make our roads safer. The two drivers in Scotland have been caught out by a new legislation change but it’s been a long time coming with regards to action being taken on this issue, and I hope the rest of the UK follows suit with a hard line on this topic. 

“A recent survey of our customers found out what their thoughts were on drink driving. Nearly half of our young drivers (48%) think that we should adopt a zero tolerance policy on drink driving across the UK.  

“There’s a host of different factors involved so we never really know how much alcohol could affect you before driving on any given day. Around a quarter (28%) of young drivers in our survey admitted to not knowing the legal limit of alcohol per 100ml of blood, 40% opted for the lowest option provided (25mg). Just 14% correctly stated the legal limit and this highlights the ignorance and complexity of drink-drive limits.”