Cheltenham learner driver wins dream car


Posted by Media Team on 07 September 2016

A 17 year-old student and learner driver from Cheltenham has won her dream car - a brand new Ford Fiesta - thanks to a competition run in young driver’s magazine First Car by Marmalade, leading provider of cars and telematics-based insurance for young drivers.

Honor Bryce-Morris was randomly selected from over 96,000 competition entries. She couldn’t believe her luck when she was called and told she had been picked after having entered the competition earlier in the year.

She said: “When I received the phone call from First Car I thought they were joking. I couldn’t believe that I was the winner – I just kept screaming and crying. Once I pass my test, having this car will change my life! I can’t wait to pick my friends up and pay them back the lifts I owe them – I would never have been able to get a car if it wasn’t for this.”

Lara, Honor’s mum, said: “The whole family is in disbelief at winning this car, we’re so grateful. Honor is a keen horse-rider and has to look after her horse twice a day. Having her own car once she gets her licence will make all our lives easier, giving her the independence she wants and needs, and letting Mum’s taxi service have a welcome break!

“Honor also pays for the horse and would never have been able to afford a car if it wasn’t for this competition.’’

Crispin Moger, CEO of Marmalade, says: “Marmalade is proud to be the champion of young drivers, making sure our customers can be safe whilst enjoying the freedom and fun of driving. It was a real pleasure to meet Honor and find out how much the prize means to her. I know it’s more than the motivation she needs to get her licence. Good luck Honor!”