Marmalade brings industry together on campaign to support the UK's learner drivers


Posted by Media Team on 18 July 2017

Leading telematics insurer Marmalade is the driving force behind the UK’s first ever Learner Driver Week and introduces an innovative, new insurance product.

A census carried out by Marmalade of more than 1,800 young and learner drivers has highlighted some worrying insights. Young people feel they receive inadequate support whilst learning to drive, that the process is too expensive and that it ultimately leaves them unprepared for a lifetime of driving.

Marmalade is already taking steps to help young drivers. As well as launching Learner Driver Week, it has also developed a new and innovative policy, New Driver Insurance (Family Car). The policy enables drivers to take out insurance on their parents’ car whist building up their own No Claims Discount. This is an affordable and flexible option that has not been available in the market before.

As a result of the feedback from the census, Marmalade has also brought industry leaders on board to create Learner Driver Week. Marmalade has secured support for the initiative from an additional five partners: the Approved Driving Instructor National Joint Council (ADINJC), Marmalade Network, Driving Test Success, iAm RoadSmart and Driving Instructor TV.

The purpose of the initiative is to voice the opinions of young drivers and encourage positive change to make driving as accessible, valuable and affordable as possible. Taking place from Monday 24th July 2017, Learner Driver Week will address the issues faced by people learning to drive, as well as sharing valuable resources to help learners, their parents and instructors.

Crispin Moger, CEO at Marmalade, said: “Marmalade is founded upon the principle of championing young drivers, ensuring that they are given fair insurance policies based on driving ability rather than being hammered for their age. We’ve recently developed a unique new policy combining telematics and a clever app.

“New Driver Insurance (Family Car) covers young drivers when they are behind the wheel of a family member’s car – an affordable alternative to being added as a named driver. This enables them to start earning their own No Claims Discount without affecting the car owner’s insurance, making it a more flexible option that demonstrates our commitment to identifying and supporting the needs of the market.

“Our census data serves to support exactly why we’ve expanded our policy offering and why we have launched the campaign – because at a time when young people are under pressure from A-level and university exams, their first jobs and the general stress of growing up – there are too many obstacles standing in the way of them picking up a life-changing skill.

“As an industry, we need to ensure that everyone can learn to drive if they wish to do so, and that they are properly equipped with the skills to become safe and confident drivers. We are all responsible making this achievable – the insurance companies, the government and the driving instructors, to ensure that the process is thorough in its teachings, clear in its processes and fair in its pricing to support, rather than hinder, learner drivers in the UK.”

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