Calls for driving to be part of national curriculum will “save lives”


Posted by Media Team on 18 August 2015

Comment from Guy Knight, Marketing Director Marmalade, the providers of cars and insurance for young people, discussing the importance of making driving part of young peopleslives from an early age.


Currently, there are over 3,630 signatures on a Parliament petition to make changes to the National Curriculum in Britain and once there are 10,000 signatures the government will respond.


Guy says: The latest calls to have driving as part of the school curriculum in Britain marks a massive shift in road safety awareness and will save lives.


Encouraging young people to consider and practice driving as early as possible is a very good idea. We know that experience behind the wheel makes safer drivers and we believe in making it as easy as possible for young people to get the practice they need to be good drivers. The petition to get driving on the National Curriculum, which is supported by the Institute of Advanced Motorists, will offer invaluable experience for pupils, building their confidence and knowledge of road safety from a young age. This move will be revolutionary, driving a car is a real responsibility, and I am pleased to see the safety of our young and future drivers is being taken seriously.


We know that use of our black box technology encourages more sensible and safer driving, in fact 1 in 17 of our customers will be involved in an accident within 6 months of passing their tests, compared with a 1 in 5 nationally. Thats a huge improvement in young driver safety and something that were proud of.”


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