Call from the association of british insurers (abi) for the government to tackle the issue of young driver safety.


Posted by Media Team on 17 February 2015

Crispin Moger, CEO at Marmalade, the provider of cars and insurance for young drivers, welcomes the recent call from the Association of British Insurers (ABI) for the Government to tackle the issue of young driver safety. However, he warns, it is pointless asking the Government to make this a priority, particularly with just 80 days to the election.


He said: “The ABI has called for stronger safeguards to improve the safety and lower costs of insurance premiums for young drivers, but proposed reforms have been on the Parliamentary table for years and still nothing has been done about it. And with just 80 days until the election, the chances of anything happening in the interim are non-existent. Apparently winning the election is more important that saving the lives of young people!


I’m not sure whether the much discussed Graduated Driving Licence is the right thing to do. It looks at imposing some beneficial rules, such as limiting the amount of passengers that young drivers can have for an agreed period of time, but it also recommends curfews, which I'm completely against. Many young drivers need a car to work, and if that involves late shifts then curfews are reducing their ability to earn and be independent, which surely can’t be a good thing.


What we need to do as an industry is to stop waiting for politicians to make a stand and do something ourselves to protect the lives of young people. At Marmalade, we have shown that by introducing advanced telematics systems and offering a holistic solution to road safety, we can improve the safety of young drivers without curtailing their freedom.


In fact, our methods are so successful that only one in 20 of our drivers are involved in an accident compared to one in five on a national basis. That’s despite not having the much heralded curfews in place. And while we’re delighted with this improvement, we want to reduce this further. We are continually looking at ways of adopting the latest technology and employing dedicated teams to work with our young drivers to ensure that they understand what constitutes dangerous driving and how to avoid it. By creating safer drivers we can offer better premiums, and that benefits everyone.


Even after the election has taken place there is no guarantee that effective legislation will be passed anytime soon, so let’s focus on making improvements where we can. After all, we’re living proof that it can be done and our growing ranks of customers and increasingly good safety record are testament to this.”