Black box helps young driver develop his driving skills

black box helps young driver develop his driving skills

Posted by We Are Marmalade on 05 April 2017

Peter Samuel, a retiree from Swansea, is the father of 17-year-old Frazer, who took out a black box policy with Marmalade when he was a learner driver. As the policy covers young drivers on a full or provisional licence, Frazer, an Engineering student, continues develop his driving skills with telematics now that he has passed.

Peter said: “I taught my son to drive and had a black box fitted to his Vauxhall Corsa right from the beginning. Most weekdays I would pick him up from college and he would drive us home on a longer route. To make things interesting, and to ensure he drove in a responsible manner, we used to take part in a competitive game.

“After every journey we would log into the Marmalade portal to see who had the highest scoring journey. Invariably his score was a percent or two higher than mine as the longer route home has much less traffic and fewer narrow lanes. This game kept my son fully focussed on his driving, teaching him not to speed or drive erratically - knowing that if he won, Dad put petrol in the car. I ended up many pounds out of pocket!

“Since passing his test in January, Frazer has received one red journey for driving over the speed limit. I was notified by email and he was given a warning – it certainly keeps him on his toes. The black box is marvellous for our family, it’s an extra pair of eyes in the car for when he’s alone and it gives us all peace of mind. The black box is only as good as the person monitoring it, so I think it’s important for young drivers and their families to log in regularly to stop small problems becoming big problems.

“For me, the biggest concern for young drivers is learning to use the car properly in as many situations as possible, not just short journeys here and there. Frazer now drives here there and everywhere, which is great for building up his experience and we know that the black box is keeping him safe and in check. Neither of us know where the black box is located in his car, so it’s reassuring to know that it can’t be tampered with and we can depend on it being accurate.”