A taste of freedom for marmalade’s learner driver


Posted by Media Team on 29 April 2016

A  Marmalade learner driver, Sophie-Lia White, 17-years-old from London, is a full time apprentice at Sky and has been learning to drive for the past few months. She explains why she chose her policy with Marmalade and why driving offers so much freedom.

Sophie says: “I am currently a learner driver, practising in a Ford KA and I’ve been having lessons for the past ten months. I feel excited and nervous about driving, it's a big responsibility but it's lovely to gain some freedom.”

She continues: “My driving instructor recommended Marmalade’s Learner insurance policy and it’s easy to use plus the customer service team are very helpful which is so important and reassuring!”

Marmalade’s Learner Insurance offers its customers an affordable policy, with fully comprehensive cover from as little as £76 for 30 days.

Marmalade appreciates the importance of learning to drive and offers young people the chance to be more independent, both socially and financially.

Sophie explains: “I pay for my own insurance and once I pass I’ll be able to drive to work and also visit my family who live in Devon. I’m most looking forward to the freedom and the access to everything that passing my test will give me. I won’t have to rely on my mum all the time. I will still use public transport mostly because I live in London but it’s nice to have the option to drive.”

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